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The sensitivity of the skin from the sun and how do you deal with it

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The sensitivity of the skin from the sun and how do you deal with it

Send reader says: I suffer from allergy to change the atmosphere, especially in the summer where they appear Lee discoloration in the area of the face, http://www.skincaremoz.com/

neck, accompanied by a burning sensation and a willingness to itchiness in your hands, as changing the color of the skin by hand to a darker color, and after consulting a doctor person case they allergic skin Li described anti-sensitivity to reduce of itchy hands. So why change the color of the skin associated with these allergies Dry Skin Care  Answer this question, specialist dermatology and laser treatment, saying: The situation experienced by the reader can be diagnosed as sense plus toward sunlight, a diagnosis more accurate for that case and means that the pigment cells skin affected by sun larger than normal, which explains the occurrence of such symptoms in the summer is explained with the increase in air temperature and the concentration of the sun's rays. Treatment and prevention that case first sense of great care to use sunscreen on all exposed areas of the skin that have while avoiding exposure to the sun for long periods.


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